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White and blue are two colors that have marked the life of Vital Alsar. His hometown fellows might think of the colors of the flag of his beloved Santander. But anyone close enough to the sailor will think about the white “cloth” he always carried on top of his vessels as a symbol of peace and in the blue of the sea where he rocked and filtered doubts and then felt the joy and strength of God.

An illustrious Cantabrian with a universal soul, a dreaming philosopher with a devoted life to his expeditions.

Those of us who were lucky enough to maintain a close friendship with Vital have followed his journey from the first expeditions in rafts, brigantines, galleons, or trimaran. Always admired his adventurous spirit, the nobility of his ideals, and the indefatigable perseverance in demanding peace over colors, ideologies, races, religions, or beliefs.

Messenger of Peace and freedom in his expeditions, he resisted storms and adversities, always achieving harmony and concord among his crew of different nationalities and creeds. In this regard, we are powerfully struck by the way in which people are selected for this company. In the rafts, for example, 12 men of 8 different nationalities participate. Vital manages that for six months and with many life-threatening situations, no one loosens their will and everyone behaves like knights of the sea.

His criteria for selecting the crew members were summarized in four very simple but tremendously important points: That they be normal men; Nobility as a human quality; Absolute surrender towards the expedition; and Education.

It also has a kind of decalogue that is impressive and here is the first point to show: “The number one danger in this expedition is ourselves, therefore each one will have their own self as their main rival. To defeat him we have to think that the rest of the crew is more important, providing selfless help to any of the others at all times, only then will the group be one piece, projecting this measure on the rafts, it will be the way to get them to sail together, one will be three as three will be one ”.

What an example for many projects, companies, or groups, such as those responsible for political or social organizations!

Citizen of the world, whose love for the sea was joined by the special magnetism of an overwhelming personality, a vitality that lived up to his name, an intercultural and intergenerational message that has left a deep mark on thousands of people. Making children and adults dream big and blue wherever he sailed. Inspiring with his deeds in each port where he landed, or from the ocean itself, his most beloved scene.

His love for nature, his eternal optimism, and his young spirit made him also share ecological medals with his friend Philippe Cousteau, or more recently embarked on projects to help protect the oceans and their coasts as an honorary ambassador in Surf & Nature Alliance.

The effort, tenacity, and courage of this tireless worker manages to turn many of his dreams into reality, and even without trying, he achieves world sailing records overcoming seemingly impossible challenges.

We understand the admiration that our Greek ancestors felt towards their heroes, half men, half-gods who, riding between the earth and Parnassus, illuminated the minds of humans with their superhuman feats and qualities. Perhaps they have their correlation in our case, with the admiration that Vital arouses in those of us who have shared his friendship or lived together under his leadership full of experiences and knowledge, inspiring his people and always wasting a torrent of energy and sympathy.

He was without a doubt, an exemplary and unforgettable person. His way of facing and overcoming seemingly impossible challenges, natural obstacles, and human tripping; His unshakable faith in his ideals that seem to transform utopia into reality; they show us a way forward. Well, even if we never achieve those unrepeatable goals, pursuing them in this way helps us live.

We think that his deep motivations, his message, and his feats, constitute not only a great legacy to the heritage of Spain and especially that of its small homeland, Santander (in the region of Cantabria), its cradle and destination of various expeditions, but also a spiritual heritage to humanity. Acknowledging and perpetuating the memory of him will undoubtedly honor and reward us greatly.

Thanks for everything Vital. Now we believe more in the union of peoples and their cultures, in children as messengers of love and Peace. We believe more in the impossible, in the courage of man, in crazy projects, in the art of living with ideals, in ourselves, and in the sea that unites us.

Now we believe more in kindness and respect towards others and towards oneself. In the god of the wind, of the sun, and of men, in our unity as a species.

Your full life and your energy were more than contagious; Your unconditional love, friendship, affection, and so many good moments lived or navigated by your side, have made us win one of the biggest lotteries that we could have ever played.

In your new journey, you leave a trail of peace. Love will last in us and in future generations.

Goodbye, VITAL!

Jesús Ceballos Campo – Presidente Emeritus
Daniel Casanova Rituerto
Javier Cantera López
Marina Alsar Ramirez
Konstantinos Trezos
Juan José Aguntegui Rodriguez
Jesús María Gómez Jiménez
Eduardo González Mesones
Santiago Villaverde Rivero
Javier Cantera Gómez – President

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