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2929From the Vital Alsar Association, we proudly celebrate this great recognition from the Government of Spain to the distinguished captain, friend, universal promoter of peace and brotherhood between peoples and cultures.

Santander, April 29th, 2021

The Government delegate in Cantabria, Ainoa Quiñones, has announced that the Government of Spain has awarded the Officer Cross of the Order of the Civil Merit posthumously to the Spanish navigator and adventurer Vital Alsar (Santander, August 7, 1933 – Acapulco, September 15, 2020).

This Thursday, Quiñones met with family members and members of the Vital Alsar Association to inform them of the granting of this decoration by the Government of Spain and has discussed with them the organization of an act to deliver the badge.

The meeting was attended by the navigator’s sister, Marina Alsar; the president of the Vital Alsar Association, Javier Cantera; the vice president, Daniel Casanova; and the counselor Juan Antonio Prieto.

The Government delegate explained to them that she proposed to the Government to grant this award “to recognize an exemplary citizen, who bore the name of his land all over the world. ”.

“Vital Alsar was a renowned adventurous sailor, born in Santander, who starred in several expeditions around the world, five of them transoceanic in nature, for which he received numerous awards and recognitions for his feats. And it is considered a benchmark of knowledge and love for nature and the sea and that promoted the defense of human rights and peace in all parts of the world where it landed with its vessels, “said the government delegate at the letter in the proposed award of the decoration.

Thus, Quiñones has praised that the Government of Spain has approved granting the Official Cross of the Order of Civil Merit to Vital Alsar “in recognition of a professional life devoted and sacrificed at the service of Spanish society.”

For its part, the Vital Alsar Association have expressed their joy at this recognition and have highlighted the importance that the Government of Spain has decided to award this award to Vital Alsar posthumously.

The members of the entity that is dedicated to spreading the figure and the legacy of the navigator hope that this award will serve to boost the knowledge of the figure of Vital Alsar, especially among young people.

The act of delivery of the Official Cross of the Order of Civil Merit is scheduled to be held next September, coinciding with the first anniversary of the death of Vital Alsar.

“Vital Alsar has been one of the great navigators and pacifists of all time. An illustrious Cantabrian and citizen of the world, his life full of epic odysseys, unconditional love for the sea, and indefatigable perseverance in demanding Peace over colors, ideologies, races, religions, or beliefs, have made him a universal symbol of ocean literacy.

The transoceanic expeditionary who one day defied and conquered the impossible with his experiments of survival and coexistence at sea, dedicated life to carrying his message of peace around the world in different wooden boats. He managed to inspire thousands and make generations of different countries dream big.

Adventurer, idealist, and dreamer, he began to forge the legend of himself crossing the Pacific Ocean from Ecuador to Australia in 7-log rafts built as before. His continuous homage to the ancient pre-Columbian and Spanish sailors continued crossing seas and oceans in a galleon, in brigantines, in a trimaran, or in tow of a rescue sphere.

Unlike the ancient navigators who inspired him and whose purposes were to open new trade routes or colonize new lands, Vital led expeditions with ships always devised by himself to carry out his ocean studies and as a vehicle to enact world peace. On the mainmast, they always hoisted the white cloth.

Originally from Santander (Spain), settled for years with his family in Veracruz and Acapulco (Mexico), his exploits and expeditions are a hallmark for his people and the people of the sea. Despite the great international recognition that he has had, even Hollywood echoing his exploits with an Oscar nomination for best documentary filmed in one of his expeditions, in Spain his figure and legacy of values ​​must be recognized and patrimonialized so that he can endure in history as it deserves, and continue to inspire future generations.


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