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Vital Alsar Ramirez (1933-2020)

Born and raised in Santander, Spain, neither the bombs of the civil war and the hunger could affect his happiness and deep connection to the ocean of his early days.

Navigator for peace, illustrious Spaniard, and iconic sailor, forged through epic odysseys, transoceanic expeditions, in rafts across the Pacific, in galleons through the Atlantic, the Mediterranean, or the Amazon river.

Alsar spent a lifetime paying tributes with his adventures to the ancient pre-Columbian nauts and the great Spanish discoverers of all time.

He mastered marine studies, spread unconditional love for the sea, its people, and the conservation of marine life.

His adventures became epic navigation milestones that even hold Guinness world records and one of them (filmed) was nominated by the Academy to the Oscars.

Vital has made thousands of people dream big and blue. Hoisting the flag of peace in all his deeds, while carrying a message of brotherhood between peoples and cultures.

His love for the sea truly inspired thousands of people of different ideologies, ages, religions, races, and places of origin.

Today, he is a universal symbol of ocean literacy and values for the present and future generations.

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